Ben Clayton
 I recently got the chance to work with Chi Arnold on the shooting of an ambitious short film. The film was a period piece to be used to promote a well established vintage dress website and shop. I directed the film, whilst the owner of the business produced it. We had a tight budget, so many of the cast and crew were working for reduced fees. However, this was not reflected in anyone’s performance and commitment on the day.
Chi took to her role as one of the female leads with complete and totally dedication. Given the number of costume changes and camera set ups required, it was a long and hectic day. However, Chi remained focused all day and the performance she gave in front of the cameras was really terrific. The finished film was to be without dialogue, so all our actors and actresses were required to do all their acting without the aid of their voices. Chi gave a wonderful physical performance, often thinking up clever additions and flourishes, long before I’d given her any prompting or direction. Furthermore, Chi also helped with set up, set dressing and clearing away at the end of the day. This was over and above what was required and very much appreciated.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chi. She is hard working, creative and focused at the job in hand. She is also a delight to work with.