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Having decided his passion and established his photography skills, André Dugas moved from South Africa to continue his career in London. He is a renowned and successful fashion photographer with a passion lying in street photography and observed portraiture.
Shooting in film and self developing, André has photographed countless amounts of models and has had his worked published. A modest man, it’s perhaps unlikely that people who have met him in more recent years know about his rock and roll like past. I was amazed to hear of him being asked to photograph one of The Rolling Stones weddings. Apparently paparazzi made his job wanting to capture the moments very difficult.

A Dugas

Although he decided to leave his career as a fashion photographer to focus on his family,   ( I have heard that all day and night partying came with the trade ) André is still an avid photographer. Now concentrating on his love for street photography and shooting the occasional wedding.
Having made the cross over to Digital SLR, I look forward to seeing his more recent work. I also hear that there are several undeveloped black and white films screaming out to be released, soaked in chemicals, exposed and show another story of time past. Time for that darkroom yet André?

A Dugas

André has a real talent for documenting the moment, each image tells a story. A moment held in time. His chosen perspectives and composition create an interest that demands attention. Form and depth are captured in a way that you can almost reach out and touch the scene. I love the metallic, silvery look achieved in many of his photos. You certainly can’t beat film photography and manual processing in a dark room. I liken his dark room skills to Ansell Adams.  It’s not just photography, it’s art.

A Dugas

You can view a sample collection of film shots by André Dugas on his Flickr stream.

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